Roman Chamomile seeds
Roman Chamomile seeds

Roman Chamomile seeds

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calming floral-scented blooms.

Once thought, in ancient Rome to be a source of courage for soldiers, Roman Chamomile has become a soothing herbal remedy for many an ailment. Grown in low clumps, making it perfect for ground cover. Roman Chamomile is a small, contently aromatic creeping plant, with daisy-like flowers and grey-green leaf foliage that will grow across the ground. A fresh apple scent when crushed and commonly used to make calming tea.

why it's special:

  • Flowers can be dried and used for herbal remedies + tea.
  • Known to deter mosquitoes and flies.
  • Very attractive to pollinators.

good to know:

Plant LightFull sun

Pot PlantsPot friendly

Windowsill PlantFuss-free


Open-pollinated, GMO-free seeds.

plant size

 30 cm
 45 cm


Sun or light shade.


Well drained soil.


Water regularly.
Feed occasionally in growing period.

plant type

pot size
30 cm

pet / baby safe

approx. number of seeds

sowing guide
Sow seeds on firm, damp soil and lightly pat down. Place in a sunny spot and keep well hydrated.