Medinilla magnifica
Medinilla magnifica

Medinilla magnifica

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Medinilla is native to the Philippines and grows wild in South-East Asia, the Pacific and tropical Africa. It’s an epiphyte, which means that it grows on tree branches, without drawing nutrients from them. Medinilla need very little care and flowers for 3 to 5 months.

How to take care of Medinilla:

Light: Bright INDIRECT light (a place near a window, but away from direct sun).

Watering: Let the soil dry a bit before watering again, this plant loves humidity over wet soil. Spray leaves with water every now and then for some extra jungle vibes. Usually it's best to wait until the leaves get a little softer before watering again - the plant shows when it's thirsty.

Pot: 14cm 

Height: approx. 40cm