Maranta Leuconeura 'fascinator'
Maranta Leuconeura 'fascinator'

Maranta Leuconeura 'fascinator'

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Maranta is known as the prayer plant because it moves its leaves up and down depending on the time of the day. This prayer plant is native to the Brazilian tropical forests. Colouration on the leaf makes it hypnotizing! As it grows it will slowly start to trail downwards. 

How to take care of Maranta (and all other plants belonging to prayer family):

Light: Bright INDIRECT light (a place near a window, but away from direct sun). Think dappled light just like in the lower parts of a jungle.

Watering: Let the soil dry a bit before watering again, this plant loves humidity over wet soil. Spray leaves with water every now and then for some extra jungle vibes.

Pot: 12cm 

Height: approx. 25-30cm