Cosmos 'Sensation' seeds
Cosmos 'Sensation' seeds
Cosmos 'Sensation' seeds

Cosmos 'Sensation' seeds

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Out of this world and into the cosmos, these bright beauties will shoot up to 90cm tall and will grow daisy-like flowers in pinks, reds, and whites with yellow centres. Bees LOVE them and we do too in the garden or as cut flowers for the table. Cosmos are freely flowering annual plants that are easy to grow simply by sowing seeds in the garden after any danger of frost has passed. They will reach full maturity within two months. The flowers sit atop long slender stems and form a cloud of color that not only looks attractive throughout the summer but also attracts bees, butterflies and birds to your garden.

plant size

 1 m
 60 cm


Full sun.


Well drained soil


Water often.
Support in exposed areas.
No need to feed.

 plant type

pot size
60 cm

pet / baby safe

approx. number of seeds

sowing guide
Sow one seed per hole on firm, damp soil. Place in a sunny spot and keep well hydrated.