Baby pink Amaranthus
Baby pink Amaranthus

Baby pink Amaranthus

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Try and walk past this without touching!

This Amaranthus looks unreal, high fashion and definitely conceptual.

Also a little bit creepy, but that's ok.

If you like the set pictured, you can purchase the vase from the vases page.

You can also trail your Amaranthus directly from a shelf.

Sold in a bunch, just like picture shows.

*Due to the nature of dried flowers stems, colours and lengths may vary.

Available to order with Nationwide delivery - wrapped up in fully recyclable tissue and kraft paper!

Dried flowers are pretty happy as they are, but will last even better with some help:

- Keep them away from direct sun to prevent colours from fading

- Keep them away from the humidity - the shower room probably isn’t the best place to display them