Flower Love & Care

Follow these guidelines to keep your fresh cut blooms grateful and happy.

Change vase water every other day or even every day on hot days - it helps to keep bacteria away.

Whenever you change the water, grab some sharp scissors and give your stems a fresh cut at a 45 degree angle. It’s a good idea to trim off about 2-3cm (1 inch). This will help to unclog the xylem, the little tubes that take up the water.

Keep your flowers away from the sun in summer and away from radiators in the winter.

Make sure to clean your vase with soapy water or another cleaning product to rinse off any dirt before and after use.

To make the most of your flowers, remove any that have faded and play around with the ones that are still holding strong.

Some ideas:

Use another vase to make a smaller, looser arrangement.

Use small glass bottles or bud vases. Keep one or two stems in each to build a mini installation or spread them around the house.

Dry your flowers. Many flowers will dry well when hanging upside down in an airy room, so you can enjoy them forever!

Dried flowers are pretty happy as they are, but will last even better with some help.

Keep them away from direct sun to prevent colours from fading.

Keep them away from humidity. The shower room probably isn’t the best place to display them.

You can give them a quick spray with hair spray. It sounds crazy but it really helps to stop them from fluffing about!